Gotthard Club

Under the name of "Gotthard Club “, an association was formed in 2005 based in Airolo, St. Gotthard Pass.

The Club supports the Foundation Pro San Gottardo, promotes the Pass as a meeting place and maintain the contacts between members.

It also makes financial contributions to the Foundation, organises social and cultural events and meets once a year on the Gotthard.

The Club is non-political and non-denominational. Individuals can apply to be members and the committee can appoint as honorary members those people who have distinguished themselves promoting both the club and the Foundation Pro San Gottardo.

The members undertake to respect the interests of the Club and to publicise the Gotthard Pass as a meeting place.

Admission as a members is granted after written request by the committee.



Gotthard Club 
Casella Postale 82
CH-6780 Airolo

Tel: +41 91 873 30 60

President: Urs Caduff

Secretary: Arnold Abplanalp